Sunday, January 31, 2016

"FROM golang" -- revisited

In this post, we created an image that deals with go-based containers. When tagging it golang, building works out of the box for most Dockerfiles.
Now that golang has been ported to s390x, we can look at this again, creating a golang image that bases on golang rather than gccgo:

Friday, January 29, 2016

Docker on the LinuxONE Community Cloud

The LinuxONE Community Cloud provides an open access to Linux running on a mainframe, primarily targeted at development, porting and functional testing.
Registered users can deploy recent SLES and RHEL instances. Since SLES12 SP1 along with the containers module provides Docker support, it's an easy way to play with Docker there. Try it!

The quickest way to get a container up is:
sudo -i service docker start
docker pull s390x/debian
docker run -ti s390x/debian bash

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Thousands of Containers, Millions of Containers: Towards Sufficiency of Infrastructure Components

In this week's LinuxONE announcement, containers are mentioned a couple of times. Docker has been used as underlying infrastructure for some of the announcement's demo workloads, and when implementing such a new project, microservices and containers seem a natural deployment paradigm choice. Further sound bites are about scaling over the number of Docker containers on LinuxONE, so what is behind that? For those who know me personally, you've got to watch the video. They made me wear a *black* T-Shirt, can you image!

Wednesday, January 6, 2016


As an extension to distribution/registry, SUSE has created an open source project called Portus. Portus comes offers a web UI and good control over users and teams dealing with images in a registry.

SLES12 officially supports Docker

Since end of 2015, SUSE also provides Docker on z through their "containers module" on top of SLES 12 (SP1). This makes SUSE the first one of the big enterprise distributions to support Docker on z Systems commercially. The package also contains base images for conveniently starting. Having decoupled Docker from the SLES 12 base vehicle through a module is a goodness, this allows for independent updates on a potentially higher frequency.