Friday, June 23, 2017

New Docker Engine Release Scheme

It's a while since Docker changed their release naming system. In the past, the version looked like 1.xx, with xx counting up. After 1.13, Docker moved to a pattern that is easy to grasp and accommodates various life cycles of free and commercial releases.
In short:
  • there is Docker CE (Community Edition) for free versions of the Open Source code. There is Docker EE (Enterprise Edition) for their commercially sold engine.
  • the releases are vYY.MM, where YY designates the year (e.g. 17), and MM stands for the release month. So v17.03 means March 2017.
  • Docker EE is planned to be released every 3 months (v17.03, v17.06, v17.09, etc).
  • Docker CE has got two streams: an "edge" version is released every month (v17.03, v17.04, v17.05, etc.). Each version will be superseded by the next month's release. The "stable" version is published every 3 months (v17.03, v17.06, etc) and will be maintained for four months, i.e. give users a one month overlap to upgrade.
Their original explanation is at

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